Volume 2
“A cone doesn’t fall far
from the tree!“
Abie Alba Junior, a cheeky fir tree sapling, lives in the forst and everyone just calls Juni. Juni is fed right up to their crown with Abie Alba and Teggie's old Christmas tree story. So, two days before Christmas Eve, Juni pulls their roots up out of the ground and makes their way to the village. Hilma, a little girl, doesn’t waste any time and takes the little tree with her as a stowaway to Thailand. Juni quickly makes new friends there at the resort. The magical Buddha helps Juni find special Christmas tree happiness. But the biggest adventure - Juni's return to his beloved forest - still awaits.

Climate change, air pollution, plastic sea waste, home and inter-culturalism are the big topics in volume 2 – and they’re packed into an entertaining, read-aloud, funny and reflective Christmas story that goes straight to the heart.

Volume 1
“Oh, for woodworm’s sake!
I don’t care about roots!“
Abie  Alba wants to be a Christmas tree! But when nobody takes him home from the nursery, Abie thumbs his nose at his roots on Christmas Eve and does what no Christmas tree before him has ever dared to do: Abie pulls his roots out of the ground! Together with Teggie, a cheeky and impertinent angle spider, Abie makes his way through the winter night to follow his big Christmas tree dream.
An enchantingly playful and fun packed Christmas story with heart, humor and a happy ending by actress and screenwriter Katrin Bühring.
For children from ages 5 and for the whole family.
A tree fairy tale about wishes and dreams, friendship and courage, charity and security, and about anyone who has ever been uprooted, but also about nature conservation, sustainability, consumer behavior and plastic use.
» A rich, warm and funny book. Katrin Bühring effortlessly combines major topics with the everyday life of children. «
Katerina Poladjan, Nelly Sachs Preis Gewinnerin 2021
*Reading Hours*
Nomination Deutscher Lesepreis 2023
In this video reading, the ensemble of the ZDFneo series *WiR* presents the wonderful Christmas story *Abie Alba - Der grosse Traum vom Weihnachtsbaum* by Katrin Bühring.
Buchpremiere 13.12.2023